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How to Avoid Impulse Buys and Stay On Budget When Shopping for Gifts

We’re all guilty of the occasional impulse buy, but with all the holiday shopping going on, your powers of resistance might be waning. In fact, a September 2012 survey conducted by Harris Interactive for the National Endowment for Financial Education® (NEFE)® found that impulse buying is all too common: 68 percent of adults surveyed admitted to making an impulsive purchase in the past month. Continue reading


3 Things to Do Before You Pay For Your Online Order

Attention online shoppers! There are a lot of us who shop from the comfort of our own homes, especially during the holidays (in 2011, Americans spent $37.2 billion online in November and December). But that doesn’t mean we’re all getting the best deals. Continue reading


Spending Interventions: Say Something When Friends Go Overboard

Sometimes it takes some nudging from a friend to realize you have a problem. At least, that’s what some of Spendster’s Facebook fans learned when they entered the Help a Friend Sweepstakes last month. Continue reading


Is Technology Draining Your Savings? 5 Tips for Avoiding a Budget Crunch

Living in the 21st century means you are constantly interacting with technological gadgetry. You send emails instead of letters. You talk on the same device that you use to take pictures. You read the latest best-seller while killing evil pigs with a flock of angry birds. For many of us, it’s next to impossible to be without some sort of electronic device. Continue reading


Does Your Friend Need a Spending Intervention? Spendster Can Help!

Have you ever watched a friend waste his or her money? Seen him or her buy something on impulse, let a spending habit spin out of control, or pile up unused items at home? It’s time to turn in your friend—and win back some of that wasted cash for both of you! Continue reading


Should I Get Rid of This? The Answer Is Probably “Yes”

Stuff. It’s easy to acquire, but often hard to get rid of. So much of what we buy, collect, or receive from others ends up sitting unused in our houses or apartments crammed into drawers or collecting dust. But over countless years and moves, we can’t get rid of it. Continue reading